Black lives matter

“Amazingstoke Peaceful Protest”

Basingstoke Against Racism #bsk4blm

Basingstoke Kneels 4 Black Lives Matter

We have all witnessed around the world today, the impact the killing of the African American George Floyd has had. It is a real tragedy that this should happen and continue to in this century. As a black-owned business, it has hit us hard and we cannot sit and watch others take a lead on something that affects us so deeply. We have served our community wholeheartedly and treated all as equals from our suppliers, customers to staff alike. We pride ourselves in the diversity and inclusive attitude we’ve had over our evolving as a business. We will continue to do so.

We stand in solidarity with the agenda of bringing a new debate and intentional strategy to beating racism and curb the systemic disenfranchising of black people in particular among minorities in the UK and around the world.

With a long-term aim, we have set up Basingstoke Against Racism so that we can continue to engage our leaders and implement new strategies that seek to auger equality for all.

In view of that, more immediately, we have taken a decision to organise our own local peaceful protest in Basingstoke and count on your support. We understand that some of you will be shielding and cannot join in, that’s okay. You can still help us by spreading the word but more importantly join in the debate, educate yourself and your children, sign ongoing petitions and show kindness to all.

We are taking all precautions to ensure social distancing at this time. We understand that the government has issued guidelines and is against this action. However, we strongly feel and believe in ‘striking while the iron is hot’ and there’s not time like the present to be heard. We cannot be complicit. In this pandemic, more BAME people have died and we still do not have a full picture as to why this is but we know that the systems have and continue to play a role in the disadvantages that our communities face.

And so, in fact, we are already dying and it is imperative to voice these out lest we risk going back to the same old ways which have clearly not worked for centuries. We will do better. We trust that the people of “Amazingstoke” will be compliant in this short protest.

If we can be orderly, when going to the supermarkets, we most certainly can do this.

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