Reviving Textiles, Reliving Memories, Restoring Smiles

When your home gets hit by disasters like fire and flood, we can help!

Our door-2-door service will sail you through this stressful time. We will respond quickly, assess the damage per room, itemise and bag up for delivery to our production unit.

You can trust us to salvage as many of your textiles as possible.

As Specialist Dry Cleaners we know textiles and all your curtains, rugs, vintage and couture textiles will be well taken care of.


This service goes beyond textiles because we know every home has it’s little treasures and for this reason we have enriched our team with the knowledge and know-how to also clean:

Handbags (including Designer, intricate and delicate with gems, beads, etc, suede, leather)

Shoes, Hats, Soft toys, Suitcases

All of the items we will collect from your home will undergo our strict restoration production process involving these steps:

Tagging & Inspection: Here, we inspect the textile and any damage. Anything that we are certain cannot be salvaged will be placed away to go on the non-salvage list. This stage also identifies any stains which will be pretreated prior to the cleaning process, button or any ornamental protection or complete removal to replace later. Finally tagged with a personal identifier.

Classification: This stage separates colours, textile type and manufacturers recommended cleaning method.

Stain Removal & Protection: Any buttons or ornaments identified during the inspection stage will be either removed or protected. Stains will be pretreated with the best spotting agents within the industry, soaked or spot-washed.

Cleaning: This could be by dry cleaning, wet cleaning or solely by hand.

Finishing: Pressing to finish off with the highest quality finishing equipment and personnel.

Piecing Up & Assembly: At this stage the personal identifier helps to assemble pieces together in an orderly fashion so that suits are matched accordingly, and garment types grouped together. All trousers and shorts are separated from dresses and skirts for ease of organisation when they’re returned to you. Household items are also grouped together.

Non-Salvage: All items that cannot be salvaged will be grouped and a list compiled for you and your insurance company’s perusal.

Quality Control: In this step, we check for any minor repairs that may need to be done and also ensuring that every crease or pleat is as sharp and as should be. Any de-bobbling, brushing down is also done.

Packaging: All garments will be packaged using poly roll, shoes will be boxed and garments that need preservation like wedding dresses will have extensive use of acid-free tissue paper for storage.

Delivery: A date is scheduled for delivery which can be done all at once or staggered according to your preference.

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