Terms & Conditions of Service

Retail Services : Laundry, Ironing & Dry Cleaning

These terms and conditions are applicable to all sales – current and future until amendments are duly published online and/or in branches.

Information and advice contained on our website, printed materials or provided by staff is to be used as a guide and is without warranty of any kind whether express or implied.

If you believe the depreciated value of your garment exceeds 10 times the dry cleaning charge please declare the value at the point of drop off in which case the garment will be cleaned at 1/10th of the declared value of the garment.

Blanksons shall not be liable for garments which do not have a care label affixed to the garment. All of such garments/textiles can be cleaned at customer risk.

Please ensure that you remove any valuable items or personal items attached to or left in your textiles. Blanksons is not responsible for any items left in pockets or for removable accessories.

For items which have a defect in the design, material, dyes or construction,  have residual stains or have  accessories or ornaments which don’t withstand cleaning – Blanksons shall not be held liable. Garments/ Textiles are cleaned to manufacturers care instructions and any damages/faults following cleaning in relation to the above should be duly returned to the manufacturer.

Please verify that the number of items collected or orders delivered (no more than 24 hours after delivery) matches the number of items stated on your ticket. Blanksons will not be liable for claims relating to missing items outside these parameters.

Any claims or irregularities with respect to the condition of your garment must be made within seven (7) days from the time the garment/item is collected.

Comments, damage or stains relating your item which might be noted on your invoice are only preliminary and are not conclusive or final. It is impossible to note all irregularities, problems, damage or stains on every invoice. We do attempt to record this information however make no warranty as to the completeness of these descriptions.


We will always make a good attempt to remove stains, however it is not always physically possible to remove all types of stains from all types of fabrics, caution will be exercised and Blanksons will not waive any charges due to our inability to remove a stain.

Liability for any reason (including but not limited to lost or damaged items) is limited to the lesser of 10 times the cleaning cost or the depreciated value of the item as determined by the International Fair Claims Guide published by the International Fabricare Institute (IFI).

In every instance, Blanksons’ liability shall be limited to the terms contained herein and shall only apply to the individual item which has been damaged or lost. In the event that items are priced in one lump sum or are part of a set (such as curtains, bed sets or cushion covers) and should any damage occur where the fault lies with Blanksons the liability shall be based upon 10 times the apportioned cleaning cost for that individual item (part of a set).

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