We know that your wedding dress is one of the most expensive and sentimental garments you will ever own.

We care for your dress before your big day with any alterations you may need and spot clean any stains to make sure it’s all perfect for your day.

The aftercare is equally handled with precision and skill so that intricate details such as beads and sequins are kept as safe as possible during the cleaning process. We use the most delicate cleaning process with short cycles for minimal mechanical action and low temperatures so your dress will maintain form.

Stains on the train and bottom of your dress will fade by our expert cleaning but will always be part of the history.

Your dress will be hung or boxed in our special golden bridal chest with acid-free tissue paper to give shape and form to your dress but more importantly to preserve it for years to come to treasure or pass on to the family.


adult boutonniere celebration ceremony
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


The groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen will receive a special discount with equal apt cleaning as well in a package, just leave it to Blanksons.

Blanksons shall not be liable for garments which do not have a care label affixed to the garment. All of such garments/textiles can be cleaned at customer risk.

Blanksons does not accept liability for buttons, beads, sequins, belts, buckles or zips. Wedding dresses and silk ties are cleaned at the owner’s risk.

Please ensure that you remove any valuable items or personal items attached to or left in your textiles. Blanksons is not responsible for any items left in pockets or for removable accessories.



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